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From handball to ice hockey

From handball to ice hockey

The mascots’ key handover

Published 25.04.2017 15:10 GMT+2 | Author Aurelien Maubert
From handball to ice hockey
From handball to ice hockey: the key handover of Paris.
On 29th January 2017, the French handball national team won their sixth world title, to the delight of the AccordHotels Arena’s crowd in Paris.

This final victory ended in the most beautiful way this world championship, which has been a real success both organizationally and sportively.
In a few months, it will be time for the French ice hockey national team to face the challenge to contend for the World Championship at home, in this very same arena, from 5 to 21 May.

To prepare this meeting, Asterix and Obelix, the official mascots of the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, had the mission to get the keys of the AccorHotels Arena back. For this, they met their handball counterparts, Rok and Koolette.

Discover in video if our indomitable Gauls achieved their mission.


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