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Janosik suspended

Janosik suspended

Will miss game vs USA

Published 14.05.2017 14:00 GMT+2 | Author Adam Steiss
Janosik suspended
Janosik was issued a one-game suspension for a check-to-the-head violation.
The IIHF Disciplinary Panel has issued a one-game suspension to Slovak defenceman Adam Janosik.

The suspension comes as a result of a checking to the head violation that occurred in Slovakia’s game against Russia on 13 May. Janosik will miss his country’s next game today against USA.

The violation occurred at 53:46 in the 3rd period. Russian forward Vl¬¬adislav Namestnikov was carrying the puck through the middle of the neutral zone towards the Slovak blue line. As he was entering the defensive zone close to the left faceoff dot, he made a quick turn towards the right to avoid Slovak defenceman Peter Ceresnak from stopping him.

During that time, Janosik made eye contact with Namestnikov, approached from the right side and delivered a check to the head with both of his hands following through with his arms. Both of Janosik’s feet left the ice during this action. No penalty was assessed against Janosik.

Based on all facts ascertained, the Disciplinary Panel determined that Janosik had enough time to make another decision other than checking his opponent to the head and neck area. The fact that he jumped into Namestnikov with both hands and followed through with his arms endangered the health of his opponent. This action was dangerous and could have ended up in a serious injury to Namestnikov.

The Disciplinary Panel determined that because Janosik hit the head or neck area when making the check at 53:46, he violated Official Playing Rule 124-Checking to the Head or Neck, and that a one-game suspension would be given.



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