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A fantastic atmosphere

A fantastic atmosphere

Lucas Moura impressed by the ice hockey Bleus

Published 12.05.2017 12:30 GMT+2 | Author Eleonore Gombault
A fantastic atmosphere
On Sunday 7 May, Lucas Moura came to support the French national team for their game against Finland at the AccorHotels Arena, and showed a lot of enthusiasm. Photo: Xavier Laine / FFHG
For his first hockey game, Lucas Moura was spoiled with an historic win by France over Finland (5-1)!

Check out our interview with the Brazilian PSG footballer and official ambassador of the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, conducted during the first intermission. 

Lucas, what are your first impressions of this game?

It’s great! I didn’t expect such a show – I love it! I am having a lot of fun watching the game. Even if they didn’t start off very well, the French team is building up more power and showing some very beautiful things. I hope it continues like that! 

What do you think of the atmosphere, especially at the end of the period?

It’s incredible! The fans are really, really excited. We sing and shout all the time. It’s fantastic! 

What motivated you to become an ambassador for a sport like hockey?

It’s a way of thanking France for everything it’s given me ever since I arrived here. What I experience here on a day-to-day basis is amazing, and I wanted to show how France welcomes foreigners. This is a huge part of why I accepted the offer to become an ambassador for the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. But I also want to try to present this sport to Brazil. And I am very proud to be able to do that!

Exactly what would you say to those who are not very familiar with this sport and think it’s hard to follow?

Yes, it’s true that’s it’s a bit complicated to understand the rules at the beginning. But watching the game from the stands, you get into the game and you understand more, little by little. You appreciate the show very quickly and the progress of the game. 

Thank you for your answers. How about a last word to support Les Bleus?

Of course! They are playing very well and I think that if they keep going like that, they will win! Allez Les Bleus!


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