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Vital volunteers

Vital volunteers

400 volunteers welcome you to Paris

Published 17.05.2017 23:34 GMT+2 | Author Benoit Tourrier
Vital volunteers
Photo: Matt Zambonin / HHOF-IIHF Images
For this exceptional event in Paris, nearly 400 volunteers take shifts to guarantee the success of the organization.

397 volunteers precisely swarm in the AccorHotels Arena, or in the official hotels. Students or retirees, workers or people looking for work, their profiles are very diverse. The first reason for volunteering is to feel useful to others. For the organization of the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Paris, it took almost 400 people to ensure the smooth running of the competition. Luc Tardif, Vice President of the organizing committee, said: "None of this would be possible without their commitment! Thanks to them, this event is a success. They give the rhythm of this 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. They are perfect ambassadors to fulfill our promise to host this exceptional event in the best possible conditions."

With 16 different areas, there is no shortage of missions: from credentials to organization, entertainment, ticketing, competition, transportation, media service, guests and spectators. So there are statisticians, ice boys, laundry, food service, translators.

The Volunteer Program is a department of its own in the organizing committee. With Lucile Valat as its head, seven volunteers manage with her all the people who voluntarily contributes to the competition’s organization. Lucile Valat said: "It was necessary to recruit these volunteers, to train them to the tasks they carry out, to manage the schedules, to make up for absences, and make sure that this adventure is everyone's. It is important that they feel good, welcomed, guided and helped. All those who participates in the event, whether the players, teams, spectators, media, or guests. For this, we work to give them all the best conditions, and to build a beautiful group cohesion. It’s essential for the success of the event. "

Some volunteers took leave to prepare for the event and participate in its organization throughout the tournament. Some of them have no connection to the world of hockey, some do not even know the rules. "I do not know anything about hockey. I discovered volunteering at the 2015 Euro Basketball in Montpellier. But this experience allowed me to discover an exciting sport, and to make many very enriching encounters!" explains Frederic, 52 years old.

Everyone was waiting for this opportunity to take time to benefit from an international event with impatience. Some have even made the trip of thousands of kilometers. If they come mainly from all over France, some have come from Canada, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Russia. "It is a dream for me to be part of the World Championship. I have never had the opportunity to do so in my country or in the Czech Republic! Beyond the human adventure, it is also an experience in my professional field," says Suzana, a student from Slovakia.

Whether in the shadow or in the spotlight, all the ambassadors of the competition work hard and have so far managed to make this event a success. Patrice, chauffeur, said: "We are often the first face that the officials meet. Beyond our task to transport people, we have to make the best to welcome the people.” And Frederic, from spectator services, finished: "We have to show that the French know how to organize great international events!"


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