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Watch from new angles

Watch from new angles

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Published 16.05.2017 13:28 GMT+2 | Author Martin Merk
Watch from new angles
Check out this must-see save of French goaltender Florian Hardy in the game against Finland and much more from different camera angles in our Game Cast for all 64 games!
The 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship for the first time offers a game cast where game sequences can be watched from up to eight different angles.

Net cam? From the spectators seats? From the roof? From above the plexi at the end boards? It’s all yours now and just a few clicks away!

The EVS C-Cast technology has been integrated into the official website for the first time. It allows fans to access complementary footage by enjoying multi-camera angle footage and clips of all major moments from each of the 64 games played at the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.

The technology provides greater in-depth game coverage than ever for game footage.

How to access the game cast? On the desktop version of the website just click on a game that’s finished through the scoreboard or calendar on the front page, or by clicking on Games in the main menu, then select your game.

If the game cast is already available for the game, a tab “Game cast” will appear after a few seconds beside the other game tabs (Game summary, Recap). Now scroll through the various sequences offered on the right side and click on the sequence you want to see. Watch it from the standard angle and in the field of play you can switch to other camera angles offered for the particular clip.

Enjoy this new feature that is available for all games and as soon as the game is over. Presented for the first time, this feature is currently only available on the desktop version of the website.


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