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Up to 10% price advantage

Up to 10% price advantage

Day Tickets now – already heavy demand

Published 25.04.2017 15:10 GMT+2 | Author Organizing Committee
Up to 10% price advantage
Germany and France will co-host the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Cologne and Paris. Photo: Xavier Laine / FFHG
Day Tickets for the 2017 IIHF WM are available now and wires are already buzzing. Booking of hotels and train journeys also now possible here on this website.

As of immediately and 220 days before the first puck-drop, Day Tickets are available for the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. The event is jointly organized by Germany and France under the motto "Together for 2017" and shall take place from 5 till 21 May 2017 in the LANXESS arena of Cologne and the AccorHotels Arena in Paris.

Host Germany shall encounter Team USA in the evening of the first championship day. On further game days of the group phase, the German national ice hockey team shall face Sweden, Russia, Slovakia, Denmark, Italy and Latvia. Highly attractive and tough opponents to start with, but after a strong recent 2016 IIHF WM in Russia and a convincing qualification for the 2018 Olympics, the squad of head coach Marco Sturm will approach the home world championship with good confidence.

Co-host France will close out the games on Day 2 with its opening tilt against Norway and shall challenge Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Belarus, Czech Republic and Slovenia in its further games of the group phase. Team France, a firm contender among the tournament of the top 16 ice hockey nations in the 10th consecutive year, is eagerly awaiting to finally perform for a great home crowd in the country's capital Paris.

The Day Tickets offer a price advantage of up to 10% vs. later offered single game tickets. The Day Tickets are comprising all games of a dedicated game day in one package, but are issued as single tickets per game. Day Tickets now offer the great opportunity to secure the best seats for any of the game days of Team Germany and Team France, but of course also for days with any other participating team in either Cologne or Paris.

Henner Ziegfeld, General Secretary of the German part of the organizing committee, is indeed expecting strong demand: "Our booking systems are all set for maximum load. For many, this is the most important pre-sale phase as especially the numerous travelling fans like to come and enjoy all games of a complete day at IIHF World Championships." Eric Ropert, the General Secretary on the French side, adds: "At previous IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships, the games of the hosting teams were often sold out rapidly after the start of Day Ticket pre-sales. Therefore we are prepared to see especially the tickets for game days featuring Germany in Cologne and France in Paris and of course for the play-off round days go very quickly."

As a matter of fact, the demand has already been very high during the pre-sale of multiple day packages, which were already on offer so far. Thus, for the preliminary round games of Team Germany already now only some 10 000 tickets remain available in the LANXESS arena of Cologne (capacity 18,500), for the semi-finals and the final day even only about 9,000 tickets. For the preliminary round games of Team France, some 8,500 tickets (arena capacity 14,500) are currently remaining on offer and available tickets for the quarter finals in Paris have even gone down to currently about 7,500. Germany will play a quarter-final, if qualified, in any case in Cologne and France would do so likewise in Paris.

The full game schedule of the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship is to be found on under Games. Tickets are available:

An all new service at IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships has been provided by the organizers especially for the convenience of the travelling fans: as of immediately, not only entrance tickets, but also accommodation for Cologne and Paris as well as train tickets for the little more than three-hours-long journey with the bullet train Thalys can be booked directly on the official homepage via the menu buttons "Hotels" and "Travel".


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